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even can or so local personnel arrangement

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Wei, Sun Mou is a province person of Sichuan to greatly represent, Mian person great representative in sun City, virtuous person in sun City greatly often Wei meeting member of committee;Liu Wei is well-knownhold an elder brother, unexpectedly is at the wide man up 2008 Olympic Games lighted torch hand.In Sichuan province outside, the many people all know that Liu Han is the person of having a big background, big powerful supporter.This makes collecting wealth of Liu Han's road spreadser widely to have no Zu, even can or so local personnel arrangement.For can bring the officials of benefits, Liu Han can help to promote promoted;For block the staff of his source of income, stop atnike free run 3 cheap nothing to give clearance.In 2000, Liu Han wants to develop four miss mountain tour items in the small gold county, term county magistrate's space some different idea.Liu Han leaves a words:Do not give me the item, you this leadership be not worthy to.Indeed as expected, this county magistrate soon be adjusted to leave a small gold county, Liu Han gets hold of the item smoothly.In 2007, Liu Wei conducts freestone at the wide man, the trucks of luck freestone overloads, even the party Wei secretary in mountain town is burnt some to stop.Liu Wei puts words:Do not make me past, I make him come down.After 3 months, it is burnt some to namely be demoted to adjust to allow other posts.A staff who doesn't wish and reveal name of wide man says:Because Liu Han is in the this kind of pole abnormality super energy in local political arena, be called Second organization minister, the staff wants to progress and seek Liu Han than seek a leadership to O.K. make.Liu Han is rich, have relation with all levels' leading;Liu Wei has a gun, the under charge has a batch of brotherses to beat to kill for him, so black and white two people all fear Liu Han and gave offense to he is dead or'throw a hat'.Organize a member and commit crime the suspect humanities joss-stick burn make a deposition.The many people would like to follow Liu Jia and work for them.Officials in the place follow Liu Han, is to feel to can pass him to come in contact with higher layer, have the opportunity to promote;The person of hold a society follows Liu Han, because have a face, having an accident him can put even.More than 10 in the last yearses, the Yin Wei of Liu Han underworld organization formed the strong mental state nike free run 2 buy online uk earthquake Zhe in the region, a lot of victimize crowd not to dare to state Yuan, even some government method stem the Jing also talk that the color ofLiu changes and get around in succession.The project set is while obtaining evidence in Sichuan, some who know what happened hears Liu Han Er's wordses still have a lingering fear and don't wish to speak more.Victimize a somebody else to win in one, project set people Jing repeatedly works, the family still request:I can say, but you have to keep secret, in case that Liu Han came out from now on, my house would be fought revenge and probably had no a life.Layer after layer resistance, can not impede party and government to beat black in addition to evilness decision.Xi Near even total secretary at central government method working conference up point out, the fair justice is the Life Line of government method work, the judicial organ is the end that supports social fair justice a defense line.Government method front wants a shoulder to carry on the shoulder a fair weighing scales, hand to hold the sword of justice and supports social fair justice by actual activity, make the masses of the people practical to feel fair justice at nearby.At the center of high value and public security official's department directly in command of under, pass project set hard effort that lasts for year, do evil things more than 20 years of Liu Han underworld property the crime organization be dropped by the successful dozen, all of the framework member arrest to bring to the court for prosecution.The news spreads, the local commonnike free 5.0 online people rushes about to mutually tell, clap hands for joy, firecrackers voice through long not interest, the warm atmosphere is like New Year's Day.Many crowds shout, Liu Han, Liu Wei be grasped, the businessman of grounds like wide man,etc finally can do business as usual, the wide man's social public order at least can the peace is 10 years!Especially Liu Han's great underworld property's organizing a regiment is successfully destroyed, undoubtedly is another flexible case that shows central anti- Fu decision and betterly promotes social fair justice.Case also again caution:The red line of law can not touch to touch, the bottom line of law cans not exceed, not is going to exercise the power that should not be exercised by oneself by law,

the case gets into a public judicial process

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More not ability with speech generation method, press a method by power and profit oneself to abuse law.Who breach system will give serverest punishment, constitute the criminal, pursue a pertaining to crime responsibility by law.3 Chinese feet on have blue sky, don't necessarily more go righteousness from die.Because the case gets into a public judicial process, true facial expression and his regiment the clusters of criminal true facts for committing of thisthe billionaire of latent water bottom, will soon water rockslide;Carry out further along with the case, the bad organization of Liu Han Hei in former days exceeds party discipline national laws with government company's two boundaries and carries on various hang up connect of inside story, or will uncover one by one.Ma Fang convenes to release a meeting and denies the MH370 losesnike free run 4.0 v2 sale contact to succeed continuously and fly for 4 hours.On the noon of the 13th, Wall Steet Journal Chinese net issues to report to call, the investigator of American people's sail and national territory safe section automatically delivers a data for ground to analyze according to Boeing 777 aerobus engines, MH370 the possibility still continued to fly for about 4 hours after losing contact, or about 3500 kilometers.Call to finally send back a data to is 1:07 on the 8th 17:30 on the 13th, Malaysia defense secretary and agency the Minister of Transportation and Communications hopes sand Mu D ·Dun ·Hou match because of appearing at the spot of routine news conference, androutine deny over a day the latest medium concerning affairs report .The MH370 loses contact to succeed continuously and fly for 4 hours that reports to American medium, the rare sand Mu D means, the news prohibits indeed, and call that cowling's finally sending back an information is 1:07 in the dawn of March 8.The rare sand Mu D means that Luo Er Si ·the representative of Luo's Yi Si company and Boeing companies from from Sunday, have been hasing something to do with Ma Fang investigating a team cooperation, in Kuala Lumpur engine automatically download the problem of delivering the data have never been mentioned.I want to clarify some problems that report, is an engine first first, what I want to clarify BE, there are medium reporting, the service is losing contact to succeed to continuously fly a period of time, Malaysia aviation confirms, and these reporting isn't accurate.The rare sand Mu Dnike free run 3.0 v5 uk says:Airplane the correspondence finally is at 1:07 cents, at that time showed a circumstance as usual, since Sunday, Luo Er Si ·the team of Luo's Yi Si company and Boeing company carried on a survey together in the team of Kuala Lumpur and Ma Hang, didn't discover this problem in the survey.As long as there is any new progress, is all Er Si of Ma Fang and Luo ·Luo's Yi Si company, and Boeing company...etc. cooperate the result for coming out.The rare sand Mu D said that Malaysia today reporting of Wall Steet Journal begs certificate, Ma Hang and Luo Er Si toward two companies ·Luo's Yi Si company and Boeing companies studied the detail of data together and unanimously thought that this reports to prohibit indeed.Chief executive officer of Ma Hang the end Zuo admire inside also means in releasing willing, lose contact the last time aerobus sent back a motor data was in 1:07 A.M. the 8th, then take place in the airplane and losted contact before.From here, Ma Fang thinks that reporting of relevantlose contact aerobus or totally fly for 5 hours is inaccurate.The spot, the reporter counter-questions rare sand Mu D whether can the news in100% is certain is untrue, rare sand Mu the D smile to call:If you want 100% to really settle news, you have to ask him, a later on nearby of the end Zuo admire inside, but end Zuo admire in not and again respond to.Before now, notified according to Ma Fang, MH370 and ground end communication nike free run 3.0 v4 cheap is at 1:20, in dawn 2:40 lose contact with ground.Medium report to call that the MH370 totally flies the noon of the 13th for 5 hours, Wall Steet Journal Chinese net issues to report to call, American investigator thinks, according to losing contact the engine of MH370 airplaneses up and automatically downloads to combine the data that sends out toward the ground, the airplane altogether flew for 5 hours.According to report, the guest on board motor monitors system from motor Luo of the manufacturer Er Si ·Luo the Yi Si provide.Should report to call

another high tube then means to really

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The investigator of American people's sail and national territory safe section automatically delivers a data for ground to analyze according to Boeing 777 aerobus engines, MH370 the possibility still continued to fly for about 4 hours after losing contact, or about 3500 kilometers.Have later on British medium quote Ma Hang Yi high tube of words said, nonexistent Wall Steet Journal reported medium say of data, but another high tube then means to really don't know have this data.Make track for to visit a motor manufacturer usually is solid supervision data ability yesterday about 16:10, Luo Er Si ·Luo Yi Si big China spokesman Qu confirm, this time motor of Malaysia airline MH370 serviceses for losing contact is really produced by the company.She said that usually under the circumstance, nike free run 3.0 v4 womens Luo Er Si ·Luo's Yi Si company is all-weather solid supervise and control motor data of ability and professional system.But she didn't introduce concerning lose contact service motor of circumstance.She said that currently concerning lose contact service of any information all from the company headquarters processing, at that moment the company just and continuously pays attention to and monitors a related circumstance, and provide support for Malaysia airline.Analyze whether can spread data supervision airplane status through an engine time?The motor spreads a feeling machine to send back to circulate the status data airplane manufacturing an expert to help in charity Living to call, the engine delivers the technique of data among nations early mature, but the information controling now is too little, not ability the further judgment airplane loses contact after whether continue to fly.Help in charity to living introduction, Ma Hang this registration is 777 airplanes for the Boeing of the 9 Ms-MRO and equip British Luo of two sets Er Si ·Luo's Yi Si company produce of Trent800the Chuan reaches to 800 type turbine fan motor.According to understand, Luo Er Si ·Luo the Yi Si motor adoption EHMhealthy management system follow 100,000 sets in the world's healthy condition in the luck camp motor of world-wide locations, and deliver through a satellite once headquarters control centre.Help in charity to living to say, the medium call ofthe engine time delivers a letter an interest be nike free run 3.0 v5 womens cheap point to obtain from this system of follow an information.Its operation principle launches to install a set of machine that spread feeling on board in the airplane, to the motor turn soon, the exhaust temperature etc. data to carry on to collect and sends back a ground through ACARSthe airplane correspondence looks for address and reports system again.The ground service company passes these datas, the movement status of monitor airplane motor, if have a problem and then will notify in time that the airline maintains, adjust.Separate to the airplane each time how long send back a parameter information, help in charity to living to mean, see an of airline and service supplier Negotiate but settle, airline can according to needing to serve to agree after negotiation to make.Can actually deliver, can be also importantly ordering to deliver, for example rise to decline, climb to get promotion big power of motor movement status deliver.Does the engine monitor whetherout of order empress airplane can continue to fly?The machine set personnel closes an engine monitor possibility smallMa Fang say the engine data of end is on the 8th 1:07 send out, that can ast least prove currently, monitor system is normal by 1:07.Help in charity to living to say, generally come to speak a machine set, the personnel can not close to follow to monitor system, this possibility is very small, unless the airplane suddenly suffers an accident, systematic can not circulate as usual.I the time on the 10th once say, even ifnike free run 4.0 v2 womens should answer machine signal to have no, the engine monitor also has, on the second day Ma Hang's releasing will say, their airplanes installed ACARS.the airplane correspondence looks for address and report systemHelp in charity to living to say, make use of this system not only can engine information the time pass a ground, also can provide more abundant flight information to the ground.However until now, Ma Hang not and definitely explains MH370 up packs don't pack this equipments?If packed to open don't open?BE which ground serve a company to provide service?Help in charity to living to mean, provide

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